Build A Vision

Build A Vision

Engineering is an art. Equal parts rational and emotional, sports car engineering is at its best when the tension between these sides results in harmony. Such was the vision for NSX: power and beauty, precision and nuance, interwoven such that the car itself becomes both a machine and an experience.


Precise Philosophy

Precision crafted performance, the Acura mantra, served as both the philosophical approach and physical benchmark for NSX. Thus a wholly new supercar was brought to life: an exotic sports car born of racing DNA, equal parts adrenaline and composure.


Center Of Gravity

Optimized layout lowers center of gravity for maximum efficiency.


Space Frame

Ultra-rigid multi-material space frame optimizes dynamics and safety performance.


Mounts And Subframe

Rigid, all-aluminum subframe and mounts minimize pitch and roll.



All-aluminum suspension with third-gen magnetorheological (MR) dampers.


Steering Mount

Rigid-mount EPS heightens steering fidelity.


The Physics Of KI

Dynamics begins with physics and imagination, building and testing new ideas while subjecting conventional wisdom to skeptical reexamination. Motion, mass and geometry are applied through a lens of innovation, fine-tuned such that inventiveness and proven principles come to coexist for an unequaled driving experience.

But beyond the science is a less measureable goal – to achieve dynamics that create a sense of connectedness, as if the car were an extension of one’s self. To create ki, the intangible force that makes a person or thing what it is; in NSX, the synergy of man and machine.

Power Unit

The Power Of Precision

The Power Of Precision

It’s the first of its kind. NSX is the first supercar powered by a bespoke Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel DriveTM, 573-hp power unit that is an absolute game-changer. NSX Engine power and direct electric torque combine for a new kind of dynamic performance, not just in acceleration, but in steering and braking too. This is interwoven dynamics in the purest sense: exhilarating performance powered by precision.

It Starts With 500-HP

It Starts With 500-HP

It growls and you're gone. Speed, power and amazing ingenuity live inside this clever beast: a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged, 75-degree, 3.5-liter DOHC V-6 engine with dry sump lubrication. It’s the product of countless days and nights of relentless engineering, perfected on the track.


Direct Drive Motor

Think of it as throttle response deluxe. Sandwiched between the V-6 and the 9-speed DCT, the direct drive supercar electric motor is attached directly to the driveshaft for immediate torque and acceleration. At the track, Launch Mode can slice off .5 seconds and deliver pressed-back-in-your-seat g-force the instant you release the brake.


Intelligent Power Unit

The brain of the power unit is also its primary battery. Positioned low and center, it sits behind the seats, directing energy to electric motors front and rear.


Twin Motor Unit (TMU)

G-loading you can feel comes from two independent electric motors at the front wheels that deal out immediate torque on the move for athletic acceleration that makes passing absolutely effortless.

Coming Through In The Clutch

Coming Through In The Clutch

The race-ready 9-speed DCT brings it all to the table. With an electronically-operated wet dual-clutch, high-rigidity shift forks, double-cone synchronizers and electronic shift actuator, shift timing is precisely synchronized with power unit torque – and that means super-fast, smooth-as-silk shifting.

It All Comes Together

It All Comes Together

Working in concert, the engine and electric motors produce a combined peak 573-hp and 476 lb-ft of torque, which translates into a G-crushing 0 – 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds, and a heart-pounding track top speed of 191 MPH


Ready for anything

Ready for anything

NSX is more than one supercar. Its dynamic range flexes to reflect its driver’s mood, responding to every input with absolute fidelity. Weekend touring or competitive tracking, commuting or negotiating a mountain pass, it adapts and supports and partners with its driver. That purity of dynamic response extends beyond motion to emotion: the love of driving, with utter confidence.


It Begins With Core Strength

Ultimate rigidity is the holy grail of dynamic sports car performance. Achieving it demands complex engineering, striking an ironically delicate balance between brutal forces. In NSX, that balance is struck from the inside out with a completely clean-sheet design, a multi-material space frame that forms the foundation for instant response in steering, throttle and brakes.


It’s All About Control

Dynamics is the magic that happens when precise control creates absolute freedom. Case in point: Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™.


Impeccable Road Manners

Even the most devout track enthusiast appreciates nice manners. NSX delivers a refreshingly civilized approach to touring, thanks to its advanced, lightweight suspension and steering systems and rigid frame. Third-generation magnetorheological (MR) dampers respond to the road more than 1000 times per second; the cabin provides a quiet refuge with muted wind and road sound. Engine sound aligns with driving mode – from the near-silence of Quiet Mode to Track Mode’s aggressive snarl. Across the driving spectrum, the same systems that deliver high-performance athleticism at speeds approaching 200 MPH provide the same poise and traction management at every speed.


You Can Stop Right There

Stopping on demand is a beautiful thing. NSX super sports brakes are powerful, linear, predictable and virtually fade-free. High-performance Brembo® hydraulic brakes and hybrid regenerative braking are seamlessly integrated to confidently deliver authentic, high-fidelity response anywhere, anytime.



In all-electric mode, NSX is near-silent, gauges illuminated a tranquil blue. Ideal for neighborhood driving, when quiet is at a premium.



The default mode is Sport. Dynamics become more pronounced for a feeling of controlled power; sound is low and throaty as the 500-hp engine comes to life. Gauges show a subtle gray. Sport mode is perfect for city driving: quick, agile and athletic.



Sport+ ignites exhilarating supercar performance: faster shifting, aggressive throttle mapping, explosive acceleration and increased agility. The meters glow red, with a brilliant yellow con-trail along the tach needle. Engine sound is full-throated, filling the cabin and turning heads.



Optimized for circuit driving, Track mode invokes the most aggressive settings and parameters for the fastest, most consistent lap times possible. The battery is kept in an ideal state of charge, even during prolonged track use, ensuring always-ready power dynamics lap after lap. Track mode also enables Launch Mode Control, for maximum acceleration from a standstill. Gauges glow bright red. Engine intake sound is unrestrained and exhilarating, an audible emotional rush – even while wearing a helmet.



Extraordinary By Design

In its exterior design, NSX presents purity of form in graceful lines weaving through aggressively sculpted planes. Elegant design language creates intriguing contrasts from every angle; what appears as a singular striking shape reveals purposeful detail.


Appreciating The Intricacies

Explore the nuances of NSX styling: its planes and curves, angles and contrasts, proportions and surfaces. Together these elements create an unmistakable identity, uniquely its own.


A Marriage Of Design And Engineering

There was one unassailable design rule: Every aspect of the car must serve a purpose. So while NSX aesthetics are unmistakable, they’re not simply a matter of allure. Every character line, body panel, shape and crease; every air flow intake and outlet; every proportion and ratio is optimized to support its dynamic performance.


Tuned For Aero

NSX takes aerodynamics to new levels of artistic integration, applying visual allure to the results of thousands of hours of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel analyses.
Three times the downforce at the rear of the car than at the front provides ultimate sports car balance. Painstakingly carved design lines augment that balance with total airflow management. Together they create unparalleled performance with extraordinary efficiency.


Front Airflow Intakes

Maximize cooling across key heat exchangers from front to back.


Fronts Airflow Exits

Improve airflow and provide downforce as they direct air to intercooler intakes and engine vents.


Side Airflow Intakes

Airflow stabilized by front vents and body shape, enters the side intakes to cool the turbo intercoolers.


Aerodynamic Shape

Directs airflow down the rear glass to cool the transmission and engine room.


Bespoke Cooling Subframe

Rear brakes are partially cooled via specially-tuned air deflectors directing air through the subframe.


High Fidelity Response

High Fidelity Response

The synergy of man and machine begins here, where the sense of NSX as an extension of self becomes tangible. The wheel grasp, the pedal feel, the seat designed to support its driver through even the most extreme maneuvers. It’s a command center where intuitive controls, unobstructed views and world-class acoustics make every drive extraordinary.


Functional Minimalism

Simplicity of form and elements essential to the space form the foundation of NSX cockpit design. Minimalist in its aesthetic and spacious in its dimensions, the NSX interior was precisely engineered to create a richly supportive domain for the driver – even those whose height is in the 95th percentile.

Seat materials were selected for their performance

Seat materials were selected for their performance

The aggressively-shaped bolsters are smooth leather for ease of ingress/egress. Alcantara® is at the center of the sports seats to provide grip and reduce lateral movement. Key interior surfaces are ergonomically padded to support knees and elbows, providing additional supercar comfort and stability.

Racing Inspired

Racing Inspired

The racing inspired shape allows an unobstructed view over the top and greater leg clearance at the bottom.

Finger Holds

Finger Holds

Slightly-indented finger holds are located at both 10:00 and 2:00 and at 9:00 and 3:00 to satisfy the preferences of most drivers.

Tailored Leather

Tailored Leather

Tailored leather wrap is finished with hidden stitching for an unencumbered grip.


View To The Horizon

Connection to the road demands sweeping visibility – a quality embraced by NSX engineers dating back to the first-generation NSX. Today, the expansive view begins with ultra-slim A-pillars crafted using an innovative, 3D bent-and-quenched fabrication process that produces ultra-high tensile strength. Adding to the openness is the low meter visor, the uniquely shaped steering wheel, a frameless rearview mirror and side mirrors on slender stalks.

ELS Studio®

ELS Studio®

Premium Audio tuned by Grammy® award winner Elliot Scheiner. It’s music that stirs the soul with vivid clarity and visceral bass response, unleashed in a private studio that travels at speeds close to 200 MPH. Here is an audio system custom-built for NSX, with nine speakers (including two super-charged door speakers and an ELS-first rear-center speaker) and all-new lightweight components, all driven by 580 watts of amplification.


Passion. Teamwork. Precision

Passion. Teamwork. Precision

The words above the entrance to the Performance Manufacturing Center define what happens inside.


A Labor Of Love

The process of assembling each NSX is unique, a seamless collaboration of technology and human touch. From MIG-welding the bespoke multi-material space frame to final fit and finish, this is a wholly new approach to automobile production: unequalled innovation guided by masters of the craft.


At Every Step

Creating a finish this extraordinary takes time. To begin, 10 dip-tanks clean and rinse all surfaces; next comes an electro-deposition coating that’s then cured at 390F. Finally, eleven coats of primer and paint and clear coat are applied, one painstaking coat-and-cure at a time. Body panels are painted robotically, while the front grille is hand-sprayed piano black. Once fully cured, the painted panels are handled with soft leather gloves during assembly and visual inspections; laser inspections ensure perfection.


Built By Masters

A team of eight elite associates build NSX engines at the Acura engine plant in Anna, Ohio – where 4,000 square feet is their exclusive domain. Each NSX engine is hand-built by one master builder at their own station, where every fastener is started by hand and every torque measurement is recorded – on all 547 bolts. When complete, the engine is broken in on a dynamotor, revving the engine to various speeds and loads for the equivalent of 150 miles of driving, so every engine is ready to go full throttle on delivery.

Product information may feature optional equipment and accessories. Please see Hopkins Acura of Fairfield for specific product availability.

Source: New 2021 Acura NSX